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Chisel Planter SKS-3.2

Designed and suitable: 
  • For even planting of grain and legume seeds.  Simultaneously it places  granulated mineral fertilizers onto the seedbed,  undercuts  weeds and partially stubbles in.
  • For levelling, breaking and packing of the field surface.
  • Increase in yield: 
- due  to uniform distribution of seeds across the planting horizon the plants get more moisture and nutrients;
- due to uniform distribution of seeds in soil it is possible to increase the seeding quantity by 10-30%;
  • Complete destruction of vegetative weeds;
  • Reduced grains seeding time;
  • Substantial savings in material expenses: fuel, wages, less utilization of tractors and other machinery;
  •  This type of planting helps to retain  moisture in soil  longer due to the lack of inter-row drafts and direct sunlight onto the inter-row space, unlike with the seed drills.
The main working tool  is a coulter shaped as a concave disk that rotates freely when the planter moves.
The sowing width of one-seeder unit is 3200mm.
It aggregates with 130-200 hp tractors.
For multi-seeder units, respectively:
two-seeder unit: - sowing width is 6400 mm, tractor horsepower requirement is 200-250 hp;
three-seeder unit: - sowing width is 9600 mm, tractor horsepower requirement is 280-350 hp.
To compose multi-seeder units the company manufactures additional parts to the planter and special hitches:
  • for two-seeder units – light-weight hitch SN-6.4;
  • for three-seeder units – multiple-unit hitch SP-9.6, which, when without side extensions, can be used for two-seeder unit as well.
 For transport from the place of storage to the field, the planters aggregate with each other.
Affordable prices
Buy VELES Equipment at a discount of up to 30% under the Program №1432.
Quality control
VELES machines are subject to strict quality control and are certified products.
Dealership network
VELES machines are sold throughout Russia and in Kazakhstan.
Contacts: Call Center: +7 (3852) 500-305, 656037, Altai Territory, Barnaul, Lenina ave., 156-a
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