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Cultivator KD-7.4

This is a combined tine and disc cultivator KD 7.4, semi-mounted, three-sectional and folding.

Designed and suitable for:
  • Primary cultivation up to 15 cm deep without overturning;
  • Fallow tillage;
  • Secondary tillage;
  • Due to the paired levelling disks and paired rollers, after cultivator has passed over the land the field surface gets smooth, a mulch cover of 1-3 cm deep is formed,  moisture evaporation from substrate decreases considerably and the weeds are pulled out and scattered over the field;
  • Within just one pass of the cultivator over the field, the paired levelling discs and the paired rollers ensure smooth surface, mulch cover of 1-3 cm deep and less moisture evaporation from substrate, with weeds pulled out and scattered over the field.
  • It’s an energy-efficient and anti-erosion tool, good for extirpating weed and retaining moisture in soil;
  • It can be used after harvesting grains, potatoes or  sugar beets. It creates good conditions for growth and cultivation of crops.
  • The main working element is a coulter shaped as a concave disk that rotates freely when the cultivator moves.
  • Optionally, disk coulter can be substituted with an A-blade;
  • When aggregated with two seed planters SZP-3.6, it converts into a sowing machine.
Working width 7400±20 m
Tractor horsepower 230 hp and higher
Unit weight 3450±20 kg
Max. depth of tillage 15 cm
Operating speed 8-15 km/h
Affordable prices
Buy VELES Equipment at a discount of up to 30% under the Program №1432.
Quality control
VELES machines are subject to strict quality control and are certified products.
Dealership network
VELES machines are sold throughout Russia and in Kazakhstan.
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