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Tillage and Levelling Combine PAV-6

Культиватор ПАВ-6
Культиватор ПАВ-6
Designed and suitable for: 
  • High-quality seedbed preparation up to 6 cm deep;
  • Fine cultivation that enables good germination and capillarity;
  • It can be used before planting sugarbeet, flax, vegetables, rapeseed or grains.
  • Staggered arrangement of A-blades with the working width of 27 mm helps to achieve 20mm overlap.
  • Variable depth of soil tillage from 0 to 90 mm is provided by means of the step adjustment  with an increment of 15 mm.
  • Optimum soil compaction is achieved by means of supporting slatted sectional rollers.
  • The star-wheeled rollers additionally crumble the soil creating mulch cover and at the same time comb the undercut weeds out to the surface.
  • The bladed bars level the soil contour .
  • For the purpose of efficient use of resources the PAV can be used as a part of a combined tillage and planting complex.
The PAV tillage combine is produced in three modifications: 4, 6 and 7.2 meters wide. Depending on the tractor’s power  you can choose the appropriate size.
Working width, m 6
Maximum depth of tillage, cm 9
Performance, ha/h up to 4,8
Operating speed, km/h 8-9
Tractor horsepower requirement, hp 150
Height in transport position, m 1260
Road speed, km/h up to 15
Weight, kg 3390
Affordable prices
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Quality control
VELES machines are subject to strict quality control and are certified products.
Dealership network
VELES machines are sold throughout Russia and in Kazakhstan.
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