06 / 09 2019

The Veles Company involved into the National Productivity Improvement Project.

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On September 4, the company held a large initial meeting on the launch of the National Project on Labor Productivity Improvement.  The event was held by the General Director of the plant Tatyana Filidova with the participation of the project manager Kirill Kotlyar from the Federal Competence Center. During the meeting the goals and issues of the program implementation were defined, as well as the answers to the questions of the employees were given.

The working group was created at the factory, to implement the project activities.

Involving into this project will advance our further optimization of the existing processes. Great attention will be given to the employees’ qualification and the organization of the “convenient” workplaces.  It will help us to reduce the time for unnecessary researches, expectations and movements.

The changes will put imprint on all processes within the company – manufacturing, cost control, HR management, inventory management, logistics, equipment maintenance and others.

The Project duration is planned for 3 years, at this period of time the company plans to increase the labor productivity annually by 10%, 15% and 30% against the start-up year.

Experts emphasize that the Veles company is a leader in this industry and has a good base to start up the project.  The company aims to achieve ambitious goals and high results.