27 / 06 2018

Farmers choose multipurpose tillage machines

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VELES company presented a record number ofbtillage machines at the stand and in the field at the Siberian Field Day on June, 20-21.
There were 20 machines: some of them, new and shining, were specially made for the exhibition, some of them have already worked thousands of hectares in the fields of the region.
New models of BDP-7 and AN-8 appeared to draw a lot of interest. Disc harrows have been in high demand at the Altai farms for many years, that’s why plants are competing to make the most efficient, good-quality machine, which is also simple to use. VELRS machines managed to stay leaders in that field.
AN-8 holds positions, because it’s multioperational and there is an option to set different work tools to use. So, you can get several units having bought only one. Moreover, by the request of farmers VELES builds unique highly specialized tillage machines.
5 contract at the amount of 10 mln rubles were signed during the exhibition. The exhibition went successfully for the company: VELES confirmed the leading status and honorably represented new developments to its main clients – farmers.
It’s high exhibition season now. There’s the All-Russian Field Day ahead where we are more than happy to see our clients whenever they live and work.