01 / 03 2018

The way to Europe for the VELES machinery

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The exhibition in Hannover held in November 2017 was the first step for VELES Company in the direction of exporting units to Europe. The first country which signed the contract for supply of the VELES machinery last year was Bulgaria. The representative of the local supplying company of agricultural machinery was interested in the implements presented at the exhibition (it is to be recalled that they were BDP-7 harrows, as well as sections of heavy and medium spring harrows) and immediately signed the contract for the first delivery. On February 14, BT-26 Heavy Spring-Tine Harrow left for Bulgaria. The next batch: three units BT-9, BDN-2,6 and BDP-5,2 left already to Germany. There is another dispatch to the Eastern Europe and the second part of the implements to Germany standing in a queue. We have already found the buyers for these implements and they are waiting for the delivery.

“According to the data of Rosspetsmash Industry Association, there was only one supply of tillage machinery made to Germany since 2009 and the supply was carried out by the Russian production department of the famous German concern. Germany itself acts as a world exporter of soil-cultivating machinery and is famous for its high quality of execution. Considering this fact, the choice of German farmers in favor of the VELES units indicates that our machinery is comparable in quality to the best world samples,” Foreign Trade Manager Rodion Bokiy says.

The buyers in Germany were farming enterprises. It is known that using BDN-2,6 they will process asparagus between the rows, while BDN-2,4 will be used as a mulcher for grinding plant residues of ornamental crops in a specialized seed farm, which quantity does not exceed 10 pieces in the entire Germany.

The Director General Tatyana Filidova says, “The entry into the market of Europe and, in particular – Germany, is a great success for our Company and this is only the beginning of the way!  The Bulgarian dealer concluded an Exclusive Dealer Contract for the delivery of our machinery to Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Romania. At the same time, we are conducting negotiations with other countries. The support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Russian Export Center in terms of compensation for transporting our machinery abroad allows us to make plans and realize them.”

Furthermore, Disc Harrows BDP-4,2, BDP-5,2 and BDP-7 received Certificates of Conformity to the European standards in January this year. Now all the models planned for export supplies are passing the respective certification.