06 / 07 2018

VELES succeeded at the Field Days in Voronezh and Kemerovo

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Summer is a high season for exhibitions and demo. Sowing season is over, that’s why farmers have some time to look at recent designs at various regional and all-Russian agricultural exhibitions.

VELES was a focus of attention in Voronezh and Kemerovo Oblast last week. VELES machines, which are more relevant for these oblasts, were shown at the regional Field Days.


Kuzbass Filed Day was held in Kemerovo Oblast on June 26. Two new models of VELES machines were presented there: Disc harrow AN-8 and Mounted subsoil cultivator PCH-4,5.

Both machines presented themselves well and demonstrated the best to the visitors, including improved working tools of Mounted subsoil cultivator, which prevents a roller from clogging. Soil condition after the work of Mounted subsoil cultivator was rated high. Moreover, farmers were finally convinced that working width of AN-8 is 18 cm as it was described in working parameters of the harrow.

Two dealers presented VELES machines at their stands in Voronezh on June 27-28. ProAgro company showed CHDA-7 and AN-8. “Deutsche technik” company showed PCH-4,5 with two types of tines and AN-8 completed with 620 mm discs and sections of stubble cultivator KSO.

There is two summer months ahead which means VELES machines will be presented at the largest exhibitions in the country, so everybody will be not only able to see a specific machine, but also assess how it works in the fields.