16 / 07 2018

VELES demonstrated its machinery to Kuzbass farmers

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On July 13th VELES held a demo show of the machines in Kemerovo Oblast.

Harrows BS-15 and BT-18 were presented in statics. Also, visitors were able to estimate in the field such machines as AN-8, BDP-7 and PCH-4,5 which were developed in year 2017. Representatives of 23 different farms participated in the event. Farmers had a chance not only to test the machines, but also to get individual consultation on interested implements from VELES sales managers.

VELES machinery showed itself great in the field and managed to do a good job: AN-8 proved a claimed parameters of working depth 12 cm, the same as BDP-7’s 10 cm and PCH-4,5’s 35 cm.

Aleksei Latushkin, Head of Sales department:

“Demotour is a great platform for a communication with potential clients. VELES machinery showed itself properly in the field and farmers were able to see the machines in actions and determine what will best handle the situation on their farm. Kuzbass fields are remarkable for a high content of stones and other solids, but that’s not an obstacle for VELES machines”.

The demotour resulted in preliminary agreements with Kuzbass farmers for a delivery of BT-18 and BDP-5,2 for autumn field work.