29 / 06 2018

VELES machines feeling at home on Mongolian fields

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June has brought developments in Russian-Mongolian relations.

Mongolia is a big country close to Russia, it’s well-known for its end-less spaces, crystal clear lakes and nice strong people. And what is more, there are 567,2 thousands of hectares of agricultural fields and an aspiring prospect of cooperation in agricultural sphere.

This is proved by success of VELES company at the exhibition held in Ulan-Bator in June.

Rodion Bokiy, Foreign trade manager:

The exhibition was a part of «Mongolia-Russia Initiative-2018», which is a set of events aimed to develop relations between two countries. Within the frameworks of the event, discussions on different subjects and negotiations between Russian and Mongolian companies were arranged. The event was organized by relevant ministries, that’s why it was held at high level.

Our main aim as agricultural machinery producers was to promote our machines in Mongolia. We presented two units: SGS-21 and PCH-4,5. These machines are right for Mongolia in particular because of the arid climate. Farmers use such kind of machines for moisture accumulation and retention.

The stand was provided by our dealer in Mongolia BUTLIIN UNDRAGA LLC, who also invited his current clients to the stand. So, it was a joint project. VELES succeeded at the exhibition: both machines were sold at the stand, the company signed contracts for further supply, including the Contract at the amount of 330 thousand Euros. 24 tandem spike harrows with working width from 14 to 22 meters will be delivered to Mongolia according to this Contract.

The VELES company represented by the Director General Tatiana Filidova participated in different business events of Russia-Mongolia Initiative.

Moreover, honored guests such as Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and President of Mongolia visited the VELES stand. Last but not least, almost all of major Mongolian farmers managed to visit the exhibition and take a closer look at the VELES machines.