20 / 04 2018

VELES showed machinery in the fields of Altai Krai

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VELES opened the sowing season 2018 at the demonstration exhibition of machinery on April 19. There were new and popular aggregates in the field which proved their leadership on the market.

It just happened that the weather came to the worst this day. Icy wind and snowflakes made those ones only come to the field at Pospelikha Village who were really interested in agricultural machinery. However, they were accorded a warm welcome at the VELES site: hot mulled wine, spit-roasted lamb, music and careful team of VELES employees.

We showed two implements in use: Medium Disc Harrow with the operating width of 8 m based on the Universal Unit Carrier AN-8 and Mounted Disc Harrow BDP-​6х4. There was a real show when the machinery was going in the field – being enfolded in animal coats, the ancient pagan deity Veles started the demonstration while a sheaf of colorful fires flied up into the sky above Pospelikha every time when the implements drove off. VELES knows how to surprise! Certainly, it is no wonder that all visitors of the demonstration show immediately turned out to be at the site where the performance took place.
There were connoisseurs and experts of high-quality implements such as farmers and engineering specialists of agricultural enterprises at the site near to the machinery exhibited in the static mode. The employees of our Company replied to their questions. A discount was provided for the exhibition samples on this day, and Veles God held a lottery among the present participants. For the record, many visitors heard a lot about success of VELES Company in Europe and were very proud of us! In fact, there are 6 VELES implements functioning nowadays in Germany – the homeland of tillage machinery, and the local farmers are very pleased therewith.
VELES Company thanks everyone who was not afraid of weather and visited our performance. We are waiting for guests at the forthcoming private demonstration of new VELES machinery, which will be held this summer already! Follow our latest news.