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Multi-purpose Hydraulic Fold Unit

Designed and suitable for: 

  • Crust busting;
  • Combing the weed out in its filamentary stage;
  • Placement of mineral fertilizers scattered over the field;
  • Preparation of soil for planting;
  • Pre-emergence and post-emergence harrowing;
  • Cultivation of fallow lands;
  • Levelling of soil after basic fall tillage and for encouraging spring weed to germinate in autumn.
  • Variety of working width allows to aggregate with any tractor;
  • Quickly converts from operating position into transport position and back with the help of tractor’s hydraulic system;
  • Only one operator needed;
  • Harrow sections follow the terrain contour in various planes;
  • Heavy-duty frame is fabricated of sectional strip 8x40 mm and additionally reinforced with 50x50x5 mm angle. The lugs for fastening to the frame are welded on;
  • The main cross-bar 150/150/8mm ensures long service life;
  • High quality coat of paint.
  AGS-10-2U AGS-14-2U AGS-18-2U AGS-22-2U AGS-26-2U
Working width 10 m 14 m 18 m 22 m 26 m
Max. depth of tillage up to 6 cm
Capacity at speed 12 km/h 12 ha/h 16,8 ha/h 21,6 ha/h 26.4 ha/h 31,2 ha/h
Operating speed up to 12 km/h
Tractor horsepower requirement 130 hp 150 hp 250-300 hp 350 hp от 375 hp
Number of sections 20  28  36  44  52 
Weight 4900 kg 5075 kg 5850 kg 6625 kg 7400 kg

Инструкция сцепки АГС

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VELES machines are sold throughout Russia and in Kazakhstan.
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