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Heavy Harrows

Designed and suitable for:

  • In spring – for mulching and  placement of mineral fertilizers;
  • In summer – on fallow field, for breaking clods after cultivating and for destruction of weed;
  • In autumn – for chopping and even distribution of crop residue, as well as for encouragement of weed to germinate early. 


  • Versatility: it can be used in spring, summer and autumn;
  • Innovative structure;
  • Easy to transport;
  • Fitted only with imported operating tools ;
  • Choice of working width depending on the tractor model;
  • Unique shape of teeth, about 700mm long, which create vibrations when moving, by that “fluffing up” the top soil;
  • High efficiency allows to reduce expenses on fuel, lubricants and maintenance;
  • Reverse running system;
  • The main cross-bar 200/200/8mm ensures long service life;
  • High quality coat of paint;
  • Sections 1.7m wide ensure precise following of the terrain contour;
  • Easily adjustable teeth angle.
  Heavy Harrow BT-9 Heavy Harrow BT-15 Heavy Harrow BT-18 Heavy Harrow BT-22 Heavy Harrow BT-26
Working width 9 m 15 m 18 m 22 m 26 m
Max. depth of tillage up to 7,5 sm
Capacity (at V=18 km/h) up to  16.2 ha/h 27 ha/h 35.2 ha/h 40 ha/h 45 ha/h
Operating speed 12 -18 km/h
Tractor horsepower requirement 130-160 hp 150-200 hp 250-300 hp 300-350 hp 350-420 hp
Teeth diameter 14 mm
Teeth length 700 mm
Weight 2900 kg 5075 kg 5850 kg 6625 kg 7400 kg
Transport width 2330 mm 3750 mm
Teeth angle of attack from 5 to 65
Teeth spacing 60 mm

Инструкция БТ-9 Инструкция БТ-26

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