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Incinerator KMD-750


Mobile incinerator KMD-750 is designed to address the issues of waste disposal for livestock farms, veterinarian or medical facilities. The Incinerator is suitable for burning medical, hard, domestic, bioorganic (including pathological one) and other waste which is not prohibited for burning at the place of its presence.
  • Cost-efficient;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Mobile; it weighs only 1600 kg due to the use of  innovative heat insulating materials;
  • Inner casing made of fire-resistant stainless steel will not be damaged during transportation;
  • Insulation material allows to maintain high temperature inside the incinerator (retaining its properties at 1250°С) with minimum loss of heat, thus providing a saving in fuel consumption;
  • The afterburner chamber ensures afterburning of ashes and fine lipid fractions. As a result the combustion gases come out cleaner;
  • Complete with an independent power and fuel supply unit;
  • Fitted with effective high-quality LAMBORGHINI burners made in Italy;
  • Equipped with an automatic timer and a temperature sensor which enable to maintain the desired temperature in the combustion chamber and automatically shut the incinerator off when the burning cycle is over.
Item Units Value
1 2 3 4
1 Dimensions Incinerator Length  (with burner) mm 2650±10
Width mm 1640±10
Height mm 3720±10
Afterburner Chamber Length  (with burner) mm 1400±5
Width mm 618±5
Height mm 2020±5
Power Supply Unit Length  mm 1094±10
Width mm 949±10
Height mm 1470±10
2 Incinerator weight together with afterburner chamber   kg 1600±5
3 Afterburner chamber weight   kg 198±5
4 Weight of power unit (without fuel)   kg 150±1
5 Incinerator fuel tank capacity (deisel) liter 350
6 Generator fuel tank capacity (gasoline) liter 15
7 Maximum load   kg 750
8 Dimensions of loading hatch   mm 870x700
9 Burning capacity     kg/h от 40
10 Burning temperature     Со 850-900
11 Weight of burning residue   % 5
12 Diesel fuel consumption (burner ECO-15 of  combustion chamber) liter/hour 9
13 Diesel fuel consumption (burner ECO-3 of afterburner chamber) liter/hour 4
14 Power consumption     V/A/Hz 220/16/50
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