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    Affordable equipment at a 30% saving accoding to the Decree №1432

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Affordable prices
Buy VELES Equipment at a discount of up to 20% under the Program №1432.
Quality control
VELES machines are subject to strict quality control and are certified products.
Dealership network
VELES machines are sold throughout Russia and in Kazakhstan.

About us

The company “VELES” for over a decade specializing in production of farm machinery.
Over 500 tillage machines (disc and spring-tooth harrows, hydraulic fold harrows and cultivators) are sold annually
Today the product range includes more than 40 items and is being constantly modified to meet farmer requirements.
The Veles equipment is well-known and used all over Russia and Kazakhstan, vast dealer network is at farmer service


Leaders of sells

Multi-purpose soil compaction roller
Star-wheeled discs are working tools of the Roller.
It is designed and suitable for pre-seeding and post-seeding soil compaction for field smoothing, clod destruction and soil consolidation for better water retention in soil. Spring-tooth or spike harrow sections and sprayer could be mounted on machine instead of rollers.



VELES opened a window to Europe for Altai agricultural equipment


The Veles machines to be exposed at Agrosalon 2016


Italian planter Matermacc demonstration show

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