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Sprayer OP

Designed and suitable for:
  • Spring treatment of plantings grown with the use of pesticides, herbicides or other intensive growth technologies;
  • Superficial spraying with liquid complex fertilizers. 
  • The tank of the Sprayer has an agitator that helps to keep the treatment solution consistent;
  • Slot-like sprinklers  distribute  the solution evenly at  lowest flow rate;
  • As a result with the use of the Sprayer you also get soil levelling, crust busting and weed destruction.
Constituent parts of the Sprayer are installed on the chassis of Heavy Harrow.  2000-liter and 3500-liter tanks are available as an option.
Heavy Harrows VELES BT
 BT-15 BT-18 BT-22 BT-26
Length in operating position, mm 9 500
Width in operating position, mm 14520±40 18130±40 21745±40 25360±40
Height in operating position from the cross-bar to the ground surface, mm 300
Performance, ha/h (at the speed of 18 km/h) 27 32,5 39 45
Tractor horsepower 215-250 250-300 300-350 350-425
Number of sprinklers 30 36 44 50

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VELES machines are subject to strict quality control and are certified products.
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VELES machines are sold throughout Russia and in Kazakhstan.
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