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Stubble Cultivators


Designed and suitable for​:

  • Designed for basic tillage of medium- and heavy-textured soils without overturning;
  • Chops   crop residue;
  • Undercuts weed roots ;
  • Scarifies substrate; 
  •  Evenly stirs crop residue in depth and breaks large clods;
  • Smooths  and firms  topsoil.


  • Both surface and deep tillage are possible in a single pass;
  • The functional sections of the stubble cultivator include:
Section 1 – Two rows of cut-out disks positioned at an angle to each other  chop  crop residue and  disrupt development of  weed roots. Rubber bumpers secure the disks against damage.
- Disc diameter – 430 mm;
- Disc spacing – 125 mm;
- Depth of tillage – up to 150 mm.
Section 2 – Three rows of heavy-duty chisel-shaped tines scarify substrate, mix plant residue and break large clods. Each tine is protected against overload with hydraulic shock absorber.
- Chisel spacing – 400 mm;
- Chiseling depth – up to 250 mm; 
Section 3 -  A row of cut-out disks positioned in twos at an angle to each other is designed for preliminary levelling of tilled soil, breaking clods and additional mixing of plant remains. Each disc is protected with rubber shock absorber.
Section 4 – Two rows of firming rollers pack  surface soil and additionally chop crop residue. Loose and compacted soil consistency provides good contact with plant remains and promotes their faster decomposition.
- Roller diameter – 360 mm;
- Roller pressure – 1 t/m2.
  • Chisel tine can be equipped with various working tools depending on operating conditions;
  • Heavy-duty frame ensures durability and robustness;
  • High quality coat of paint.
  ChDA-5 ChDA-7
Working width 5 m 7 m
Transport width 3 m 3 m
Operating speed 10-15 km/h 10-15 km/h
Capacity 7,5 ha/h 10,5 ha/h
Weight 6700 kg 9650 kg
Tractor horsepower requirement 300-350 hp от 375 hp

Инструкция ЧДА-5 и ЧДА-7

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