The implement was specially designed for the European market, and it was tested during the season at farms in the Altai region. Application of the machine was found in provocation of weeds and sprouts and distribution of crop residues.

We received a request to develop a harrow from farmers in Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic. One of the most popular VELES implements in Europe is the BT-9.G. But for large farms from 400 hectares with powerful tractors need a more wide-cut machine, thus it was decided to design the machine.

The features of the harrow:

  • Large working width;
  • Robust frame;
  • Narrow sections of 1.7 m combined with a spring suspension, which together allow you to evenly cultivate even the most hilly meadows;
  • The 14 mm tine is more robust and vibration resistant and offers less traction and fuel consumption compared to the 16 mm tine.
Optionally, this harrow can be fitted with a cross board, which carries out pre-levelling of the soil and destroys mole holes. The angle of attack can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor cab.

The new product is used both in the spring and fall season and can be used in combination with the APV seed drill.