Tillage machines


VELES equipment

Seed-bed cultivator
Perfect soil preparation for sowing of small-seeded crops
Cambridge roller
Perfect compaction of any soil type
Stubble cultivator
Modern approach to cultivation of crop residue
Non-reversible share plough
High clearance plough
Combined stubble сultivators
Up to four operations in one pass
Tine stubble cultivators
Non-Stop conservation tillage


06 / 09 2019

On September 4, the company held a large initial meeting on the launch of the National Project on Labor Productivity Improvement.  The event was held by the General Director of the plant Tatyana Filidova with the participation of the project manager Kirill Kotlyar from the Federal Competence Center. During the meeting the goals and issues […]

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04 / 09 2019

Today, the VELES Company is exporting to Europe again. This time, the CHDA-5 is going to Europe’s largest outdoor agricultural event – the AgroShow 2019. After the event, CHDA-5 will continue its journey through Poland with a series of demonstrations, where European farmers will be able to assess the combined stubble cultivators from Siberia.  

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