Company: Orbita Ltd.
Location: Altai Territory
Quantity of land: 66.000 hectares
Number of hectares, under moisture closure: 56,000
Climate: Most of the land is located in the steppe and drought conditions, because of which the cost of error is high


Most of our cultivated areas are located in arid steppe conditions, where the slightest loss of moisture is proportionally equal to the loss of the crop. We can say that moisture conservation is a key task that we address every year and throughout the season. But it is in the spring that the soil contains the largest percentage of all annual moisture, so it is critical that we get into the field as early as possible to stop the process of intense evaporation.

In our region, all works begin approximately in the 20s of April. All equipment should be ready by this time. The main task is to close moisture in the soil as quickly as possible within 3-5 days in one two-slide pass. After all, even one hour of forced downtime in the field can be fraught with the results of the future crop.

The price of downtime is especially high when we prepare the soil for sowing flax or rape, as these crops are sown to a shallow depth of 4 cm. In case of delay, the soil will completely dry out, and the sowing campaign will lose all meaning.

I repeat, in the season you need to be ready to start working as soon as it becomes possible, so machinery should always be ready.


The equipment we use must be able to start work as early as possible, and it must be simple and reliable to avoid downtime during moisture closure.

We use VELES AGS two-row spike harrows in working widths of 10 to 26 meters for moisture closure. These harrows are ideally suited to our climatic and agricultural conditions.

Now we have more than 35 AGS units. VELES has applied all technical solutions in its machines, which minimize all kinds of risks. The company has been on the market for a long time and all the "childhood diseases" in terms of quality have long been worked out.

We do not chase after cheaper machinery, we do not have time for experiments. Throughout the history of our company the VELES harrows have never failed us. We always manage to close the moisture in time and get the planned harvest.