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When you purchase a unit based on the AN-8 carrier, you have the option of transforming it into various implements. By replacing the purchased sections, you can assemble any of the three machines.
Section AN-8 BD
• disc diameter - 620 mm
• disc type - spherical, notched
• spacing between discs in a row - 250 mm
• spacing between disc rows - 1070 mm
• roller type - tandem, lamellar-tubular 400 mm
Section AN-8 KSO
• number of tine rows - 2 pcs.
• number of tines - 18 pcs.
• spacing between tines - 890 mm
• tine undercutting width - 535 mm
• number of levelling discs - 19 pcs.
• levelling disc diameter - 430 mm
• roller type - single-row, tube 400 mm
Section AN-8 PAV
• number of working sections - 4 pcs.
• number of working zones - 6 pcs.
• diameter of track rollers - 330 mm
• A-hoe blade width - 270 mm
• tine spacing - 250 mm
• diameter of the crosskill roller - 400 mm
Heavy disc harro AN-8 BD
The heavy disc harrows are capable of working effectively in difficult conditions. They are designed for the main tillage, breaking sod-covered layers and blocks after mouldboarding. They can also perform primary tillage of disused lands and work on fallow fields.
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Stubble cultivator AN-8 KSO
The stubble cultivator is designed to cultivate the stubble of grain crops. It is also able to precisely control the working depth. The cultivator can treat fallow fields.
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Unit AN-8 PAV
The seedbed cultivators perform preparation for sowing of small-seeded crops, forming a perfectly flat and compacted seedbed. In the process of work, they intensively loosen the soil, sort it and trim the weed vegetation.
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