VELES ASEXPRESS HD asparagus inter-row tillage machine

This is a unique implement, which has no analogues on the market. The machine was created on the order of our partner from Germany, Rudolf Denissen, who bought a BDN-2.6 harrow. He could not find the tool he needed in Germany and decided to use our machine as a base to make his own new one. The tool allows him to control weeds and break up seedbeds after the asparagus harvest in autumn.

Previously, the customer used a miller for this purpose, but the disadvantage of its work is that the tool operates on the power of the tractor and consumes more fuel, in addition, it does not allow to gain higher speed, unlike the VELES asparagus machine.

Denissen now supplies VELES asparagus tools to other asparagus growers not only in Germany but also in other European countries.